Who We Are

Oz Cryptocurrency Alert is privately owned and managed by staff with extensive experience working in the information technology industry and with various financial institutions.

What's your real-time market data source?

Our real-time data source come from top API providers

You talk about real-time, how's that working?

We get real-time quotes from providers every 20s or less. However, the provider can delay quotes on the other side.

Why all cryptocurrency's price is AUD.

We only support AUD exchange so far.

How to setup my alert

You need validate your mobile number first, then you will see setup alert screen.

I want to monitor my cryptocurrency but it's not in your list. How do I do?

You can send a email to us Support@ozcryptocurrencyalert.com, we will try our best to bring it into our watch list.

Why I need confirm my mobile number then can set up alerts?

We provide our SMS alert services based on your mobile number, without it we can't server you.

Why I can only register Australia mobile number?

We only support local mobile number and SMS so far, sorry.

Do you share my personal information to other company?

NO, we are tech geeks we don't trade any of your personal information for money.

May I buy more alerts?

Thank you for your support, however we are testing our system and only support free alerts for every customer.

What's the number show if I get alert SMS from your?

No number, but short name show as "OzCrypto"

Do you call me or email me for more information?

NO, we would not contact you at all. Setup your alerts and wait the SMS when the time coming. We WOULD NOT contact you for more information. Mobile number is the only thing we need to run our business with you.

Do you make money with this service? Why?

No, every SMS send by us we need pay our SMS provider. We are tech geeks and doing it for fun.

May I ask more questions?

Email us at Support@ozcryptocurrencyalert.com.